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Six Sentence Sunday

The intro to the Valkyrie Project 2 (no working title yet):

Our hero spins, a violent but controlled dervish with a Raptor pressed firm in each hand, spitting venom bullets in wild arcs. His back jostles against the strong, hard back of his partner as they dance a reaper’s tango across a cold durocrete floor. Outnumbered but over-trained, they move as a single entity, one person with four arms, four guns, firing as fast as the guns pointed back at them.
In a theatrical presentation of the scene, scores of bodies would fall over railings, letting loose strings of stray bullets in a last attempt to take down the hero.
The bodies in real life, though, mostly just slumped back after being hit, merging with the shadows of the long alley, melting into the darkness as they faded into death.