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Turns out H+: The Digital Series just ended

I was super-psyched about H+ in September of 2011 when I first heard about and I even liked the Facebook page to “make sure” I got updates about it… That didn’t work out so well (mostly because I don’t actually check Facebook that much and when I do, it’s usually to like something my wife posted so our friends will be more likely to see it and get jealous – or maybe happy for us – or else to answer questions on the Fantasy Basketball Coaches Facebook page).

So, I just saw a Sponsored Post about it on my Facebook (which kind of tells you something about how much the Facebook algorithms are designed to make money that it takes a Sponsored Post about a page that I already liked in order to get my attention) and it turns out that H+: The Digital Series is already over (unless there’s another season coming but I haven’t watched it or read anything about it to know if that’s the case).

It actually works out quite well, because Fringe just ended (even though at the time of this writing I still have 3 episodes left to watch), so now I have something else to satiate my scifi cravings. (Although I’m not sure for how long, since, while there are 48 episodes, they all look to be about 4-7 minutes, so at most it’s about 6 hours)


H Comes After G

So, I was working on a post about Person of Interest and despite the credits for JJ Abrahms and Jonathan Nolan, the fact that it’s on CBS just kept hanging around the back of mind… and then I saw this tweet from HardScifiLass about the new web series H+.



The post linked from Twitter also mentioned that it’s produced by Bryan Singer (to which I said “Who?”) who produced and directed The Usual Suspects (to which I said “Holy shxt!”). The Usual Suspects was my favorite movie for at least 4 years, and even now, the only movies I can think of that I like more are all Christopher Nolan’s. Anyway, Singer also wrote and produced X-Men: First Class (which I will watch as soon as they get it on Netflix), wrote, produced, and directed Superman Returns (overrated but good), and wrote, produced, and directed X2 (awesome).

The fact that H+ is a web series gives me hope that unlike TV shows with streaming episodes, they’ll actually leave the entire series up so that people can start watching it any time and go all the way up to the current episode.

It doesn’t hurt that they have Caitriona Balfe (once again, “Who?”) playing someone in the show ’cause…

It doesn’t look like there’s a release date yet (and they could have picked a more Googleable name, particularly for a web-only show), but I Liked them on Facebook, so hopefully that’ll let me know when it starts. Also of note, the Facebook page calls it H+: The Digital Series so as to distinguish it from a “web series” and to try to avoid the stigma that comes with being labeled as such. That said, the preview above does make it look like a much higher quality production than your typical web series, and I would say it looks like it has better production values than most regular broadcast/cable/satellite-delivered TV shows, as well as many big budget movies.