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Can Advertising Sponsors Save Fringe?

(Or, the technologist in me wonders, can Android and Sprint save Fringe?)

The answer, were I to answer the question, is of course: Yes. But then, if I were answering this particular question, I wouldn’t actually be asking this particular question, because the question of Fringe being canceled would not even exist. But the real answer? Well, despite the Friday Night Death Knell, I’ve noted a few little plugs (okay, maybe they’re more like hair plugs that you can’t really help but notice and just overlook because you know you’re not supposed to notice) in some recent episodes of Fringe.

Pictographic evidence:

(Thanks for the Qik Pix)

Obviously I hope that these little bits ‘o sponsorship from Sprint are bringing in enough money to continue production of Fringe, but the realist in me knows that it’s probably not. Fringe doesn’t strike me as a “cheap” show to make (what with all the special effects and large supporting cast). You would think at this point that JJ Abrams could pretty much do whatever he wants, but even a man with his record is constrained by the limits of the industry.

I would try to get involved in some sort of Save Fringe campaign (I’m sure there’s already at least one), but I’m not sure that’s ever actually worked (at least not for two of the best shows ever: Firefly and Arrested Development), so I’m going to devote my time instead to just blogging about lamenting it I guess.