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1Q84 fills up 3 MP3 CDs

And I am lucky such things exist

I get a lot of audiobooks from the Chicago Public Library and most of them are at least a few years old. The result of getting these Old-In-Internet-Years books is that, while the do come on CD (as opposed to cassette), I have to rip all the CDs and then convert them to audiobooks in iTunes. It’s not usually that bad, when I get something like Storm Front or Murder on the Orient Express, but (after waiting 2 months for it to arrive after placing it on hold), my next audiobook is 1Q84. Amazon lists it at 944 pages. The back of the audiobook lists it at 46 hours, 46 minutes or 38 compact discs. That’s a lot of discs to rip.

But, the back of the audiobook also says this:

Thank you Brilliance Audio! It might have taken me another 46 hours and 46 minutes to rip 38 CDs to my computer (or at least like 10% of that)… But instead, I was able to transfer the 3 MP3 CDs in about 15 minutes. With all that extra time, I was able to write this blog post and still have plenty of time to get back to more reading and writing…