Watching The Fringe on Hulu

or: WTFH

Email received on January 26th:

On the morning of January 26th, I watched about 15 minutes of Episode 9 of Season 4 of Fringe, entitled: Enemy of My Enemy on the El Train to work. After work, I returned home, excited to watch Fringe for the first time ever on my Roku.

But it had already been removed from Hulu Plus.

Did I missing something? Am I the only one affected by this? Perhaps I am because evidently Fringe’s ratings are so horrible that it will probably be canceled after this season. Maybe I really am the only person who watches it on Hulu.


2 thoughts on “Watching The Fringe on Hulu

  1. Nels

    Looks like there was a comment posted on the Hulu page:

    Hi Everyone,
    Fringe was recently published prematurely in our Hulu Plus service for TV/mobile device use but have now been taken down because of a rights issue. Episodes are currently available on but not on TV/mobile devices. I’m sorry about the mix-up but we’ll make them available as soon as we can! Thanks!

    Casey D.
    posted on Jan 26 2012, 12:43:11 PM

    Would have been nice to have an email with the clarification instead of just the comment on the show page (I’ve never looked at the Discussions before). But at least the mystery is solved now.


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