Creating A Collectible

So, I sell DVDs on Amazon after I watch them (unless I think I’m going to want to watch them again, but even then sometimes I sell them anyway since I’m paying for Netflix every month). I got Agent 5: A Night in the Last Life Of for Christmas (I think because it was recommended on Netflix and then taken off).

After watching it, I put it up on Amazon. It took a while but if finally sold. Why is this important? Well, it’s not so much important as interesting, because the buyer just happened to have the same name as the director. And lives in LA (where all movies are made). So, the conclusion I draw is that the buyer and the director are one and the same.

Then, the question becomes, why? Did The Director not keep a copy of the movie for himself? (Perhaps not a final release version?) This seems highly unlikely, though not impossible. Perhaps he wanted to buy a copy for a friend and decided that it was somehow better to buy a used copy than whatever he would have to pay to have a new one put into circulation. Or, my most unlikely but favorite theory, Mr. Desotell is trying to turn his work into a collectible item by buying up all the copies in existence and destroying them. He is driving up the value of his work by increasing it’s rarity. Perhaps Matthew Desotell has a Google Alert set up with his name or that of his film in it and will be informed of this post and leave his comments. Or if his plot is as devious as I imagine, then he will not.


One thought on “Creating A Collectible

  1. Kim

    Ha! You know though it is likely he doesn’t have a copy, or enough copies to give random friends or whatever. If it was low budget and indie they prolly didn’t burn that many copies and all that jazz. 


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