Valkyrie Project Episode 3: A Slippery Slope

Download “Valkyrie Project Episode 3: A Slippery Slope” Now!

Published to Smashwords 5 days ago and up to 74 downloads. Not as big a spike on the first day as the first two episodes… I’m thinking that might be because I put it up on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I think I’ll go back to Friday night next time to see what happens. I’m sure there’s also the series factor playing in… i.e., since this says Episode 3 on it, people are less likely to download knowing that they’re not starting at the beginning.

Probably due to the previous reason, I didn’t get as many “trickle downloads” either as I did for Episode 1 when I uploaded Episode 2. But I’m hoping just hoping that some people stick with it…

Episode Notes

This episode includes the first (yes, only the first) changes in POV. Don’t worry, it won’t happen often. It’s also the longest episode to date, bringing the total story word count to just over 33,000. Yes, that means by the time we get to the end of Season 1, it’ll clock in around 130,000. Not sure if I could make it if I wasn’t doing it piece by piece. (More on that is coming in a separate post) And don’t worry, I’m not going to keep making them longer and longer (at least I don’t plan to). So, go download Episode 3 right now!


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