Prepare Your Eulogy For Fringe: FOX moves it to Fridays

I just saw today that Fringe has been moved to Fridays when it returns from the holiday break. Sound the Death Knell.

Usually I watch Fringe on Hulu, so I don’t really know what day it’s on, but I happen to know that FOX also had Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse on Fridays, and both of those were cut off after their second season just when they were starting to find their groove. I’d say that Fringe also found it’s groove in the second season, and while it was allowed to continue into a third, the ratings on Wikipedia indicate its only got half as many viewers this season as it did in the first season. I’m afraid in the land of non-pay TV, that means it’s dunzo. Unfortunately for me, TV By The Numbers agrees that TV shows on Fridays are more like to be canceled (and they give Fringe two frowny faces with respect to being canceled).

I guess on the bright side, it means I’ll have an extra 45 minutes of writing time per week.


One thought on “Prepare Your Eulogy For Fringe: FOX moves it to Fridays

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