Yvonne Strahovski in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Artwork

One of my friends just “shared this with me on Facebook”: ‘Mass Effect 2’ role departure for ‘Chuck’ actress. The long and short is that Yvonne Strahovski is playing “the woman” (aka Miranda Lawson – you might recognize her as the well-endowed woman in white from the commercials if you’ve watched any TV at all lately) in Mass Effect 2. BioWare even did the creepy thing where they scan the person’s face and then make the character look just like them. (Sorry, I like it when video game people look like people, but not people I know – unless they’re actually supposed to be that person)

Mass Effect 2 Box Artwork PC

I mean, not that it matters, since I was planning on playing ME2 anyway. (Mass Effect Uno is one of the few games I’ve actually started and finished in the past few years, and the sequel sounds like it’s even better) And, I mean, I do have a bit of a nerd herd crush on Ms. Strahovski anyway, so it won’t be all bad, no matter what.

I like this part:

Strahovski says “things are a little bigger in some areas” on her digital counterpart

because, well, ‘a little bigger’ is definitely not an understatement… I mean, the eyebrows are pretty dang close to hers in real life.*

Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 2

* And by eyebrows, you know what I mean.


One thought on “Yvonne Strahovski in Mass Effect 2

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