Dragon Dictation for Your iPhone

Lifehacker recently informed me that Dragon (the people who brought you Dragon NaturallySpeaking) now have a dictation iPhone app!


No more calling my Google Voice number and dealing with their fairly inaccurate transcriptions. I’ve already downloaded the app and given it a quick tire-kick. It’s super simple, but that’s really what you want when you’re On The Go (or doing something else where you want to use an iPhone for dictation instead of something more complex). It’s functions include: Recording (and subsequently transcribing), Typing (you can add text to your transcription via the virtual keyboard), and Sending (you can Email, TXT, and Copy to Clipboard).

The only drawback (and this could be an issue if you’re doing something in a hurry) is that if you close the app (i.e., go to the iPhone home screen to access another app) you lose the current dictation. In other words, you have to make sure to send your transcription somewhere right after you record it, or that brilliant idea to for the vampire with Irritable Bowel Syndrome will be lost forever.

Of course, the fact that the app is free pretty much makes up for any shortcomings (of which, as I said, there appears to be only one). And free is a very good price.



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