It's Friday, Just Like What You Like Already

Thank you, Scalzi, for this:

The next time the question of science fiction and “mainstream acceptance” comes up, remember this answer: Who gives a shit? Because, really. Who does. Like what you like, already.

I’ve been liking what I like since middle school, and I’ve always taken flak for it, but as Scalzi makes clear, we Sci-Fi geeks take a lot less crap about liking the stuff we like now than we did when I was in middle school.

HaloEvolutionsMy theory follows: Back then, everyone thought of Sci-Fi geeks as Trekkies or greasy-haired Dungeon Masters because those were the only kind of stereotypes that could break through the barrier of the mainstream. Then came the Internet. And now Sci-Fi geeks don’t have to attend conventions (though obviously they still do) nor do they have to huddle in basements (though I’m sure some still do). Sci-Fi Geeks can unite on massive scales simply by logging on. And now, as we realize how many other SFGs there are who share our love for space, time travel, laser weapons, genetically modified beings, etc., we become more brave in the face of the “mainstream” and aren’t as afraid to like what we like because there’s a ton of other people who like it too.

And speaking of things I like, this new Halo short story collection looks awesome.


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