Grammar Monster eats your grammar questions for breakfast

Make sure you get the “-” in there: Or you can just follow Grammar Monster on Twitter, like I do.

I point this out because Grammar Monster recently answered a question that has always bugged me: Where do the punctuation marks go in speech?. I’ve always thought that punctuation was supposed to go inside the quotation marks, and according to Grammar Monster, I’m right! At least, in US English, punctuation always goes inside the quotation marks. But in addition, I learned that you don’t need to double-punctuate. I never have, but it’s just another one of those things that I’ve always kind of wondered about.

For example:

She looked in the oven and said: “Do you call that a Yorkshire
(This sentence could end in a full stop, but it would look unwieldy
after the question mark and the quotation mark. Therefore, it
is omitted.)

Thanks Grammar Monster!


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