Cover Writing

So, Chris Roberson posted a video cover of Beyonce’s single ladies. It’s probably worth watching if you’ve ever had the song stuck in your head or have a child who’s danced maniacally in front of the TV while the video played. I’ll wait.

Since I had previous created the idea of a “cover poem” (one in which a modern song was modified with increased lyrical content expanding on themes which were usually presented in a simplistic or inadequate manner), I started to wonder if there was such thing as a “cover story.” Yes, I realize this name is the same as that used by newspapers and magazines to describe an article accompanying headlines on the front page or cover. That’s unfortunate.

But, semantics aside, is there such a thing? Has anyone rewritten a famous or popular story in a new and/or unique style? It’s obvious that such an endeavor is much more feasible for a song, which can be recorded much more quickly (especially when the lyrics and melody are, for the most part, already prepared for the cover artist). But, as the creator of the cover poem (as far as I know), I have to wonder if it isn’t possible in some form for prose as well. Of course, I think my poetry style was actually well developed enough that when I modified songs and poems, it made them more like an original poem I would write, where as my prose writing is still fairly basic and lacking a distinct style (at least it seems that way to me). So, it’s not like I’d be writing any “cover stories” right now anyway, but, like I said, it was just something I was wondering about. And if I can’t bare my smallest thoughts to the world, then what is the point of having a blog?


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