It Felt Good To Be A Writer

I believe I had what I consider my first real experience of what life would be like (most days at least) as a writer over this Labor Day weekend. Although I sometimes do extra Work work on the weekends, this time I ignored Work for 3 days (except for some intermittent email checking), and instead tried to focus on writing in my free time.

The reasoning was in part – aside from getting more words written – to see if I could simulate what life would actually be like as a real (or perhaps professional) writer. Well, in summary, it was pretty awesome.

In more detail…

I got at least 300 words a day written without feeling a lot of pressure. As I’m sure just about every author [or writer] with a day job knows, it’s pretty easy to put pressure on yourself when you’ve got a WPD (Words Per Day) goal and have to spend 8 or more hours of the day putting in time at your real job.

This time I got to just do my normal weekend stuff, but for 3 days straight instead of just 2, which, again, relieved a lot of pressure in doing errands and house projects and the like.

I have added this one to my To Read list:

Not because I don’t enjoy my job – I love it. It’s just not the kind of job that will really ever lend itself to working less than full time. At some point in the future, I want to find a job that will still be as fun as the job I have now, but will be something I can do part time while I use the other part of that time to write.


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