More Serialized Fiction


Cory Doctorow is serializing his next novel Makers on Here is the official announcement. It’s not the first time he’s done it:

Cory Doctorow … serialized his novella, Themepunks, [on] sometime around 2005.

The index page is here, but unfortunately, Tor is not providing an RSS feed. So, I guess it’s true, RSS is dead. I’m not of the reasoning behind not providing a feed, since it’s not like there’s a whole bunch of ads on the (which I appreciate). So, they’re not trying to get people to visit the site instead of just staying in their RSS readers – a strategy employed by a lot of blogs/sites that I don’t subscribe to for that very reason.

But, they do have it timed well in that you’ll be near the end of the novel when it’s released so that if you’re really into it, you can just buy the book and finish it in one sitting without waiting for the rest of it to be released on the site. Definite marketing strategy points for that.


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