Harper's Bizarre

Harper’s Island is a murder mystery starting in April on CBS that will pair with webisodes and a social networking website to (hopefully) enhance the experience of viewing the program. You can click on the Harper’s Globe header above for a larger view that will reveal a little bit more of the social aspects of the site.

TechCrunch has a brief overview and intro clip for the new Harper’s Island combo web-TV show (as well as the teaser preview). The official CBS website has a different (and much less scary) intro clip. The main site associated with the web show and social network is Harper’s Globe. This seems like one of those things that I always want to get into but never have enough time to actually participate in (see also: Heroes Evolutions). I would probably enjoy the show anyway, even without the “new teevee” concept additions. The premise (if you haven’t already clicked on one of those other links) is that a bunch of people go to a destination wedding on an island near Seattle and get killed off one by one (one per episode).

NewTeeVee has info on the release dates of the webisodes and the broadcast episodes:

The online part of the show will debut on March 18, weeks before the show debuts on TV on April 9, and the old and newteevee shows will coexist throughout the show’s weekly run, which will conclude on July 2.

Now, if only CBS would get their shows on Hulu (sorry guys, Sling isn’t cutting it for me) so they’d get queued up for me automatically (I probably won’t be watching the show live since it’ll be too scary for my wife, and because we get really crappy reception for CBS). Supposedly, I’ll receive email alerts when new episodes are up, but I think that’s probably just for the webisode part. Hopefully they’ll keep more than just 2 most recent episodes on CBS (see also: How I Met Your Mother – which I would totally watch online now that CBS has a decent video player, but I’m 3 seasons behind and they don’t have 97% of what I need to watch).

Last up, SciFiWire has an interview with the producers which doesn’t really reveal all that much more about the show, but re-emphasizes the points made in the other posts above.


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