The Really?!? Weather Edition

Paisaje en la niebla
Image by una cierta mirada via Flickr

I mean, yeah, it’s probably worse in other places than in Chicago, but honestly (as a boy from Portland, Oregon), I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much snow on the ground ever in my life. I mean, really? Really, Chicago weather? Really?!?

We’ve only got 20 more inches (decreasing every time I look outside) to go before we match last season’s snowfall output, and that was a “once every 30-40 years” kind of snowfall. Okay, maybe not that extreme (since the 60’s and 70’s were really bad for snow and Chicago). But if we’re heading for another period like that, I’m going to be about to pitch a fit.

I guess part of my issue right now is the amount of snow actually on the ground. It seems like last year, we at least had some warm-up periods where all or some of the snow would disappear. The past two weeks have been cold enough that the snow hasn’t dissipated at all. So, when that 2-5 inches came last night (and continues to come today), it’s not just like a 2-5 inch snow that you might actually see in Portland. It’s 2-5 inches on the places you’ve already shoveled, but it’s up to close to 2 feet in the unshoveled areas, and even higher when you’ve got the displaced snow on top of the original snow.

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