Buying some window insulation film soon

I am not sure how this works (having studied physics and thermodynamics), but it’s currently 66 degrees in the dining room where the thermostat is located, but only 61 degrees in the bedroom. I’m fairly certain that hot air is supposed to rise.

Of course, I do have a fairly plausible theory… See, the stairway that leads upstairs ends at the front door, which, I have noticed, is extremely drafty. I tried putting a towel in there to cut down on the drafts, but it didn’t work. So my guess is that the air is coming in the door, and probably heading up the stairs. There’s also a drafty window in the bedroom, so we’re going to get some window insulation film soon to try to keep the room warmer (it was about 63 degrees last night – thank goodness for a down comforter!)

This is not actually our window (I got it from a Google image search).


3 thoughts on “Buying some window insulation film soon

  1. fanaticalpupil Post author

    We actually did do weather stripping on the side door and it really helped. The problem with the front door is the draft is coming in from the bottom (mostly) and there is already one of those screw-on sweeper things which is worn down and not working.

    I will look into doing something more permanent about the windows, but that will have to wait until Spring (or at least February or March), cause there ain’t no way I’m doing it right now.

  2. fanaticalpupil Post author

    Well, now that it’s down below zero, I can tell you that what we really need is storm windows for the two windows in the kitchen. They’re not as big as most of the other windows in the house, but they are basically blowing cold air into the kitchen. I didn’t realize there was that much air coming through. The storm windows will probably also help in the summer to keep the hot air out.


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