Where's the Word Count?

Well, today marks the 30-day anniversary of my hiatus from writing. Well, not completely. I’ve been writing quite a bit about fantasy basketball – which is important because September and October are pretty much the only 2 months out of the year when people actually care about fantasy basketball and the little blog I have on the subject.

In my last writing explosion, I set new records for myself. And the immediately put way too much pressure on myself to continue with that kind of productivity despite the impending fantasy basketball season, and an increase in work to be done for my job. I sat down to write once shortly after that last word count and found that I just didn’t want to do it. So, I didn’t. And I’m okay with that. I mean, what’s the point of having a hobby if it’s not fun, right?

But, now that my workload is lightening a bit, and those fantasy drafts will be finished up in just 3 more weeks, I’m feeling ready to get back to work on long-term writing goals.


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