Rainy Sunday

I’m not sure if this is the last vestiges of Ike, but today is the epitome of a Rainy Sunday. Good thing there’s going to be some football on.

Yesterday was a (somewhat) banner day for writing. I got 975 words (so close to that 4 digit barrier!). So, today, of course, I am suffering a bit of a let down. I’m oscillating between the feelings of “This whole plotline is weak, short, and tacked on” to “I wrote so much yesterday that I deserve a day off today.” Both of these, I believe, also stem from the fact that I sort of drank a bit last night, so my brain just feels like it doesn’t want to do any work today.

I took Val to a brunch date, though, and was mulling over this post on the drive back, and that actually helped warm my brain up a little. I’m to the point now where – with some proper protein and caffeine – I feel like I could get some more writing done. Time to push through and turn the currently anemic plotline into the idea that at one point I felt might be big enough for it’s own book…


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