[Writing] Creative Writing: Director Commentary

Something occurred to me while watching Joss Whedon’s director’s commentary for Serenity. Really, this is something I should have been doing already anyway, but it basically boils down to writing a Director’s Commentary track for my book/story/thing. I know there’s scene outline spreadsheets that include multiple columns for that sort of thing (character motivations, story arc actions, etc.). So, like I said, probably something I should have already been creating, but coalescing the confines of a pre-formatted spreadsheet with that of a rambling Director’s Commentary is what makes it not only feasible in my mind, but also something that I’m apt to actually do.

That’s what it is supposed to look like (in Google Docs, at least). Mine… well, it still sort of just resides in one column, with the director-like rambling that starts with “Well, in this scene, I did this, because of this, and we were trying to convey this.”


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