LOST, You Kind of Lost Me

Finally finished Season 4 of LOST. I think it only took about 8 months to get through the entire body of work. And honestly, I think I’m done with it.

*** Just as a warning, if anyone else on Earth hasn’t seen all of LOST, this post will probably spoil a lot of it for you ***
I’m just sayin…. cause I was extremely careful not to take in any information about the show until I’d seen it all, so I don’t want to go and ruin for anyone else.

Back to the point of the post…

Going in to the show, I really only wanted to see how (or if) they got off The Island. Now that I know, I don’t really care what happened after that point. I can imagine how people would care, but the characters whose plot lines are still a mystery just aren’t interesting enough to me to want to watch the show to learn what happened to them.

First example: Locke. Sorry, but I slowly stopped caring about him over the course of Season 3. By the end of Season 3 and throughout Season 4, Locke was nothing more than a plot driver for me. Not only that, but he was the least surprising and/or intriguing cliffhanger ever. Sure, when JJ Abrahms did cliffhangers in Alias they were always on the verge of the absurb, but at least they were surprising and hinted at something more, or something mysterious, or at least something. The end of Season 4 was just kind of like, “Oh, OK. That actually makes sense.”

Next up: Ben. I never really cared about him. I felt sorry for him, sure, but he’s the villian, and he’s engaged in a battle with another villian. And they both apparently have vast resources and/or wealth. I’m not sure I even want to know what happens there, because I don’t think I’ll be happy with the outcome no matter what it is.

Who else? Claire? Sorry, but leaving your baby to follow the ghost of Jack’s dad doesn’t exactly make me care more about you.

Juliet? My wife was really into her and her mentalness, but I just never quite connected there.

Sawyer? Yeah, OK, maybe I care what happened to Sawyer. But only because we all know that he should have ended up with Kate.

In the end, I know there’s only going to be 34 more episodes. And with all the time I’ve put into it, I suppose I’ll just end up watching the rest just to have seen the whole thing. But all the while, I’ll be wishing JJ would have just left us with the simple idea of a mysterious island and people surviving on the island. I mean, Gilligan and Co pulled off that idea for 98 episodes. LOST basically wrapped it up in only 83.


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