Clone Wars equals Awful

I saw Clone Wars on Sunday with my wife and an avid Star Wars fan and his wife (I would have just said two other friends, but I wanted to get in the part about how one is the kind of guy who can beat you at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit in 1 turn). I think Mr. Star Wars Junkie enjoyed it at least a little, but he was also annoyed whenever the droids talked.

Personally, I couldn’t get over the fact that Anakin’s padawan looked just like one of the Olsen twins. I’m sure that was not a coincidence either. I mean that, and the whole thing was another one of those political games for trade routes in space. I think if I were reading a book about it, it would be easier to understand and probably much more interesting. In fact, I just did read a book about it; called Tempest, part of the Legacy of the Force series. It was all about the political intrigue and motives, but the author could take the time to explain things better (even while showing and not telling). But when you (or George Lucas) try to make that kind of thing work in a 90 minute kid movie (yeah, it’s a kid movie), a lot of the political tension that could make it deeper gets lost.


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