It's too late to apologize

I made it a rule when I started blogging to never apologize for not posting in a long time. That’s what RSS feeds are for. So, without further apology, let me just say that I got a new dog, and it’s taken me longer to get adjusted to him than it took him to adjust to me (and I’m still not sure that I’m fully there yet). Yeah, I know, I was worried that this guy would get bored from laying around all day while I work from home and turn on his masters in a show of bored ferocity:

But seriously, look at those fangs:

In other news, I started and stopped StarCraft: Nova. I made it through about 50 pages and then just couldn’t handle the writing. I imagine it’s mostly because it was written more for a teenage video game playing audience than a mid-twenties video game playing audience. I did like the concept, though, and it was exactly what I would have wanted to read if a) I were a teenager or b) it was written in a more adult style.

So, now I’ve started A Canticle For Leibowitz. Evidently it’s a classic or something.


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