Prepping for the return of Heroes

In addition to reading all the Heroes graphic novels this summer, I’m also listening to to see how often Hayen Panettiere comes up in My Neighbourhood Station. (Check out those related artists, and feel free to leave embarrassing comments)

And for the people who will undoubtedly arrive here from Google image search, has a fairly decent collection of Hayden Panattiere pictures.

Finally, for those who don’t know, Heroes is back on September 22nd with a 2 hour premiere. I could have sworn at one point they said it was going to be a 3 hour premiere (I assumed this was to make up for the writers’ strike-shortened Season 2). Chuck returns September 29th.


One thought on “Prepping for the return of Heroes

  1. kim

    I was kind of mad about the truncated season. I know it was the strike and all but they make a huge deal of this unstoppable virus – and then stop it in like 2 seconds. Ah well, let’s see how the new season goes.

    And I’ve missed Chuck. We watched a rerun recently and I’d forgotten how charming it is.


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