Quick Personality Test

And now for something substantially more interactive (and less ranty):

If you split something to eat with someone – let’s use cookies as an example – so you have a half of two different cookies. One is a cookie you really like and are excited about eating. The other one is still a cookie (I mean, come on!) but it’s just you know, a cookie you’re okay with. So, which one do you eat first, the exciting one, or the okay one?

I have no results for this personality test. I’m just interested. If you’re interested in my answer: I eat the okay one. I’m sure that says something about me, and I’ll see if I can provide an explanation in a future post, but I’m more interested in knowing what other people do right now.


One thought on “Quick Personality Test

  1. Patrick

    I’d probably would eat the ok one first, as well, with the idea being that I’d finish the cookie eating experience happier if I saved the cookie that made me happier for last. Maybe I could milk (no pun intended) that good taste in mouth for a few more minutes.


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