Word Count Wednesday – 6/18

6/11: 67
6/12: 193
6/13: 112
6/14: 629
6/15: 0
6/16: 0
6/17: 249

Avg: 178

The 15th was Father’s Day, and even though I’m not a father, I was very busy – and the time when I might have normally done my writing was taken up by Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Monday (the 16th) I was suffering a kind of malaise and just didn’t feel like doing anything after work.

Tuesday I managed 249 words in the morning, and the rest of the day was taken up with some strange dryness of the eyes (my wife thought I had pink eye). I had to close my eyes during every commercial break of Game 6 in order to be able to keep them open during the game.

I am definitely figuring out that I can get a lot more done if I write a quick 100 or so words in the morning. Usually I have more free time in the evening, but by the time I get to the writing, my brain is too tired to focus. Also, Saturdays seem to be good writing days, as they seem to be the day when I most commonly have nothing to do. (Isn’t that what the weekend is for?)


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