Hardcover vs. Paperback

As I read/listen/learn more about the so-called publishing industry, I read/hear more about authors getting deals for hardcover books vs. for mass market paperback books. It is clear that the hardcover deals are more of a crown jewel and sign of success, and I certainly understand that. But I’m with my friend archphoenix on this one.

According to Tobias Buckell’s unscientific Advance survey:

Hardcover advances had a median of $5000
Paperback advances had a median of $5000

It brings up a question in my mind, which I probably won’t have to worry about for a while, but here it is anyway: how does Hardcover vs. Paperback play in book deal negotiations? I’m guessing that publishers prefer hardcover deals because they can make more money selling less books, but if I’d rather have my book published in paperback because I don’t like hardcover, is there any leverage there in negotiations, or do I just let the publisher tell me which one is better (presuming they know more than I do about the market)?

In addition, if anyone reading this blog wants to comment, which one do you prefer? Paperback or hardcover?


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