Witchblade: The Movie

[From SFSignal]

I will admit to trying to sneak glances at Witchblade comics when I was younger. I suppose I should also admit to hanging out in comic book stores. Mostly just for the X-Men, though. I was terrified of even the idea of trying to purchase a comic like Witchblade. Scared of what the guy at the counter would think. How I would sneak it into the house. What I would say if my parents did eventually find it. And that was before I even heard there was some psychosexual interactive between the Witchblade and the person using it. [I think that’s right, but maybe I’m thinking of some other fictitious comic weapon]

I’m not positive that it’s as sure a sign of the apocalypse as, say, a remake of Robocop and a movie version of 21 Jumpstreet, but Witchblade is coming in 2009. And judging by the poster, I will probably revert to my 10-year-old self and not be able to fight through the shame to actually buy a ticket.


2 thoughts on “Witchblade: The Movie

  1. kim

    *grin* Guess what compendium my husband picked up at WonderCon and is currently reading? I read somewhere that the chick on the poster is some random chick – the film hasn’t been cast yet but semi-naked girl on poster is A-OK. 🙂

    Did you watch the (short-lived) TV series?

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