Writer Crush: Richard (K) Morgan

I have over the past few days developed such a man-crush on Richard K Morgan that I left the Hub Issue 52 page open in a tab just so that I could get the Feature article written by him. Of course, after a day, I realized that the article is the same one that’s posted here on his website, which I’ve already read, and was the effective genesis of my crush.

In an interview I came across while researching Morgan, he gives the most basic of advice, but they are words which bear repeating (over and over and over). From the interview on Fantasy Book Critic:

Q: What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

Richard: Two things:

(1) Have it clear in your mind from the beginning what you want out of this. If it’s money, then like I said, there are easier ways. If it’s fame, then just get hold of a camera and film yourself doing something stupid or obscene. If, however, neither of those are what it’s about for you, if it’s really about the writing, then go to (2) below:

Don’t Give Up. It’s a long, tough road, with very little sustenance along the way. Even once you’re published, it can still be a surprisingly tough and lonely way to live. But if you really are a writer, then what the hell else were you going to do with your time?

I am now barreling through A Game Of Thrones (barreling at the speed I read is not saying a whole lot, though), so I can get to Altered Carbon which has been wating patiently on my shelf for some time now.


One thought on “Writer Crush: Richard (K) Morgan

  1. drew

    Dude! Richard K Morgan is great. I really like al his books. Altered Carbon is great, as is the rest of that trilogy (Broken Angels & Woken Furies). I have the audiobooks and the narrator changed in the third book which was bad, but the stories are still great cyber-punk/dark future. Market Forces and Thirteen are also great. Really one of my favorite authors of late.


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