Scarlet TV Series Revealed

It’s a TV.

According to this Yahoo Answers post (which I’m quoting because they always seem to take down the answers):

I found the below info on youtube as I toooooo have been searching for days for this show.

“There is no Scarlet television show, and it is not a viral campaign for the Scarlet camera.

It is a viral marketting campaign for the LG Scarlet (previously called Scarlett, and already on sale in Korea) series of televisions.

When they say “hit TV series”, they mean it literally. It’s been a very good selling series of TVs there”

Thank you Bunny73.

That does explain why the commercials have been seen on more than one channel. And yes, you can see the TV in at least one of the YouTube videos. I applaud LG for their creativity, but really, how many people are going to buy this TV who otherwise would not have? And how many people are going to be so upset at the hoax that they don’t buy the TV or any other LG products?

Oh, and Rosebud was the sled.


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