Scarlet TV Series

How is it that the only information I can find on this is actually on the show’s website? That just doesn’t seem normal.

I mean, part of me is saying it’s a fairly transparent experiment with “non-marketing.” I.e., seeing how many people will watch the (alleged) mini-series without promoting outside of 30 second ads (on ABC, I think). The web site doesn’t even say what channel it’s on, so I was tempted to think that it might be a web-only thing, but the address definitely ends in “.tv”. Of course, with the apparent active obfuscation of evidence of the existence of the show, it could be that the .tv is just another red herring, and perhaps it really is going to be a web-only show.

The other part (I guess you’d call it a half, then) of me thinks that David Nutter has had enough of “normal” TV shows after launching Millennium, Roswell, Dark Angel, Smallville, Without a Trace, Supernatural, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I guess we’ll just have to do as he says in the clearly staged interview on the site and “watch closely.”


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