In Which Evil Monkey Scares Me

Jeff VanDermeer posted 7 tips for Beginning Creative Writers.

(2) Understand that you need to pay your dues. The worst thing you can possibly do as a beginning writer is think because you have a blog, a pen, and MySpace account that you and Gene Wolfe are now best pals and should be sharing writing advice with one another. If a Wolfe-type wants to, hey–that’s great. None of us are posturing. But don’t assume it.

So, I don’t go around friending people I don’t actually know (okay, except Ben Gordon) on MySpace, let alone giving anyone writing advice. I don’t think I have any writing advice to give. But I do have a blog, a pen, and a MySpace account. Am I posturing? I don’t know… is assuming that more than one person actually reads this blog posturing? Probably. But I like to think I do it in a self-effacing, self-deprecating sort of way.

As fellow-Chicago-wannabe-writer Cesar Torres commented:

I write a blog where I talk about word counts, writing accomplishments and links to useful sites for writers and people wanting to learn about publishing. I hope I haven’t broken any of these seven points from the guide! Pride is a deadly sin.

As for the rest of the list, I’m not feeling entitled to anything, and I’m working to get better. Hope that keeps me in line.


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