10,000 Words Pt. 2

So, I’ve been working on this Friday Snippet project now, instead of the other one for which I’d already written 10,000+ words. But, I’ve now reached 10,000 words in what is called The Nine Mothers. This time, the 10,000th word was: she. Brilliant! Couldn’t have been “ignoring” or “blinking”, both of which came shortly before it… nope. She. Awesome.

I guess it’s very similar to my getting the Completionist achievement (Complete the majority of the game) in Mass Effect by telling Conrad Verner to go back to his wife on Earth. Yup. It wasn’t fighting the Geth, or defeating Saren (for the first time, at least), or even doing anything that involved shooting or using biotic powers. Nope. I just talked to the guy enough to convince him to return to his wife. Thank Yeewwwwww!


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