Milestone: 10,000 Words

I hadn’t realized that I’d actually passed my previous best of ,8300 words for a “project” on Feb. 10th, but according to the spreadsheet, I got to 9,000 on that day.

And now, I have topped 10,000 words for a project/manuscript for the first time. My 10,000th word? Date. It probably won’t end up being the 10,000th word in the manuscript, though, since I’m writing a scene ahead of where that will probably actually be.

I won’t celebrate too much, since that only brings me about 10-11% of the way to completion, and I’m still 190 words behind on my average daily goal. But if I manage another 2,400 words (ha!), I’ll be all caught up.

Also, WordPress 2.0’s feature that allows you to dynamically add categories is a little dangerous. Granted, it’s still not as easy to do as on Blogger, but I can see myself ending up with about as many categories (aka labels) as the dude who writes Cousins of Ron Mexico. Of course, I suppose I could add a category every time I post and after 10 years I’ll only have 70 categories. So, not too bad.


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