American Hero (Wild Cards Online Series)

Since there was a brief mention/discussion of George R. R. Martin (wow, 3 weeks ago now; didn’t seem like it was that long ago), I thought I’d throw it out that I’m reading the American Hero series now (via Google Reader). I’ve actually got 3 serials (I guess you could call them that) in my Reader now. It’s working out okay, but I feel like none of them are getting as deep into a story or setting as they would in a real book. I guess that each piece has to be pretty short for people to be able to keep up with them, though.

So far, Shadow Unit is the most interesting to me, and actually feels like it has the most depth despite having the shortest pieces. I guess when I say “depth” it’s not the actual presented depth, but more of a feeling like the story will eventually be the deepest. American Hero just doesn’t seem like it will be anything more than the reality show it’s presented as, and I feel like they could have played up the reality show stereotypes like plot and production more, instead of just basing it all on character stereotypes.

Three Unbroken seems like it could be a deep story, but I just have no idea where it’s going. I’m not quite a quarter of the way through, but I don’t see anything happening beyond a bunch of space/future type warfare.


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