So, I don’t really like realistic books

I started reading Cast of Shadows by Kevin Guilfoile. It’s very well written (and set in Chicago!) and I want to like it, but it’s just too realistic. It was creeping me out. Well, not really creeping me out, I guess, but just making me uncomfortable. Which I’m sure it’s supposed to do. But I had the same kind of experience with The Bone Collector (which is surely not even on the same level), and though I ended being okay with that book, I didn’t get over the uncomfortable feeling of it being too realistic. I don’t want to be worried every time I get in a cab that the cabbie is going to kidnap me. And, for now at least, I don’t want to think about the horrible thought of cloning an unidentified killer, and letting him grow up in society, just to see what he looks like.

So, now I’m trying to decide between three “first of a series” books: Pawn of Prophecy, The Scions of Shannara, and A Game of Thrones. I’m leaning towards the first because I know that the series is only 5 somewhat shorter volumes, as opposed to the Heritage of Shannara, which is 4 slightly longer books (though the total probably isn’t that much longer than the Belgariad), and The Fire and Ice series which starts with an 800+ page book, and has at least 4 books.


4 thoughts on “So, I don’t really like realistic books

  1. archphoenix

    Game of Thrones is EXCELLENT. BUT. It’s not done. And he’s taking his sweet time. *taps foot imaptiently* So wait.

    The Belgariad (Pawn of Prophecy )is ok, kinda fun. Pretty quick read as I recall.

    Have you read the original Shannara trilogy? That right there is CLASSIC fantasy. It feels a little “been there, done that” but you have to realize he started writing it in… the early 70s? So it was kind of out there the same time as Tolkien so it was pretty original for the times. Plus, the second book scared the hell out of me as a kid. And I think it’s getting the film treatment finally. Raymond Feist’s “Magician: Apprentice/Master/Whatever” series is another older series that has serious legs. Also not bad.

    Incidentally, a lot of people will suggest Terry Goodkind. I won’t. I despise his series.

    And have you read Orson Scott Card’s Ender series? That’s some good stuff.

    And now I’ve totally outed myself as a total old skool fantasy geek. 😉

  2. endub Post author

    Yeah, I kind of thought that Game of Thrones is probably the best actual book of three; but I don’t know if want to get into a 3200 page as-yet-unfinished series. I know people have not been kind to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time.

    I have read 2 of the 3 in the original Shannara series, and the first of the Ender books (I’m a slow reader, so that was as far as I got for those).

    When I was reading the reviews of the 3 books in the post, I saw a lot of people saying they were better than Terry Goodkind, so yeah, I’ll stay away from that one.

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