Are all writers this scatter-brained?

Or is this why maybe I shouldn’t be a writer?

I like writing. But as I’ve sort of indicated before, I like to change my mind a lot. And I’ve just come up with a way to do a project I’ve been working (aka noodling) on since high school (I believe). If I’d actually been writing it since I came up with the idea, I’d probably be finished by now, but I obviously don’t work that way. I don’t really finish things. It’s always been a problem with my writing. Too many ideas, and not enough enthusiasm to get any of them to completion.

This latest one is still in the sci-fi genre (mostly), but will make use of blogs as a delivery mechanism. It’s kind of an experimental way of writing (I think). Of course, I don’t really have the sort of writing experience and/or resume to be trying something experimental. But maybe since I’m still a rookie and all fresh-faced about it, then now is the time to try to pull it off. And probably fail miserably.


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