Need to increase my writing stamina

After a truly massive 1,227 word outburst over the past 2 days (sarcasm indeed), my head is feeling tired today. But I didn’t have to work 10 hours again – and I had yesterday off. So, what’s up? I think my brain is just trying to make excuses for the 28 words I’m sitting on for today.

And I need to finish my review of the Memphis Grizzles over at GMTR. Does that count as writing? I mean, I’m not going to track my word count for blogging. Really, what would that prove? That I spend too much time writing blog posts and not enough time writing novels? Yeah, probably.

I think I need to figure out how to increase my writing stamina. If I’m going to be writing a lot, well, then I’d better get used to writing a lot.


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